#SundaySpotlight~ The women of GMBR


In the midst of celebrating International Women’s day this past week and the women who are shattering glass ceilings in every field, we can’t help but give a shout out to all of the incredible ladies in our music world today.

We are honored and humbled that some of the most impressive and, well, rockin’ gals we know will be joining us this year for the inaugural Green Mountain Bluegrass & Roots Festival. Words truly cannot describe how awesome these musicians are, so you’ll just have to come out to GMBR this August and see for yourself!

Everywhere you look these women are being recognized, honored and awarded for their talent in force but Molly Tuttle and Sierra Hull have had a particularly impressive run as of late. This past year Molly made history by being the first woman ever to win IBMA’s Guitar Player of the Year. Heck, she was the first woman ever even nominated in the award’s 27 year history!

Sierra Hull is also no stranger to these legendary awards, winning IMBA’s Mandolin Player of the Year two years in a row. You just can’t help but be in awe, but this is just the beginning of our incredible lineup of GMBR ladies. . .

Emily Frantz, Allison De Groot, Maya De Vitry, Rachel Baiman, Tara Nevins, Libby Rodenbough, Rayna Gellert, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, BB Bowness, Lena Jonsson, Brittany Karlson, Tatiana Hargreaves, Carling Berkhout, Fran Forim and the incredible vocal force of Mary Kenney, Melanie Glenn and Allison Olender make GMBR a veritable who’s who of female acoustic artists today.  LOOK AT THAT LIST FOLKS!!

We are showing the love for the week by changing our Spotify Playlist to highlight them, the WOMAN OF GMBR. Go check it out, listen and fall in love.

Then go buy your tickets (more on why you shouldn’t wait to snag them while you can on the next Sunday Spotlight…).

One more shout out. In 2013, Murphy Hicks Henry detailed the history of women in the bluegrass world in her book; Pretty Good For A Girl. This book was so needed and truly spotlights the fact that women have been a part of this music from inception in many different ways. You can hear Murphy talk a little about it below you can read more here.