Terrible Mountain Stringband

Terrible Mountain Stringband fuses original, contemporary, and traditional material, bringing heartfelt new life and relevance to the chain of American folk music. Third generation fiddle players, Ida Mae and Lila Specker were born in a one-room cabin at the foot of Terrible Mountain in Andover, Vermont and learned to play the fiddle from their father, John Specker. Together with Josh Norman on guitar, vocals and percussion, Lila and Ida Mae formed Terrible Mountain Stringband in 2017. They are joined by renowned luthier and multi-instrumentalist William Seeders Mosheim on banjo and innovative virtuoso Mowgli Giannitti on bass. Carrying on the legacy of their forebearers, the band pays homage to the past while continuously evolving their unique sound."

See you in the field! GMBR