We encourage camping at GMBR and our beautiful grounds offer mountain views onsite and close to the action. Rustic sites for both tent campers and RVs will be available. The GMBR site is a gorgeous 20-acre field nestled between the Green Mountains to the East and the Taconic range to the West. We are literally in a mountain fish bowl.

We have designed the festival grounds with our campers in mind and offer fluid and easy flow from campsites to the festival. Come Camp with us in one of our two designated camping areas!

We offer full service camping experience packages. Click here for more info.

If you are planning to camp, each individual will need a camping pass. 


Our 8 acre farmers field is flat and perfect for car campers and RV’s.


Tent only camping in the beautiful streamside grove amongst the wild grasses and willows. No vehicle access to this area, even for drop off.




Are there flushable toilets and showers on festival grounds?

In the camping area itself there will be portable toilets and handwashing stations. Showers and flushable toilets are available at Riley Rink which is a short walk away and we will have those facilities for a small fee.

Will there be water onsite?

A portable tanker for drinking water will be available onsite.

Can I reserve a site?

Camping spots are first come first serve so get here early and stake your ground!

Will there be hookups or dumping stations?

While we have plenty of flat ground for RV’s and Pop up trailers, with a designated spot for those with generators, there are no hookups or dumping stations on festival grounds.

Can I park my car at my campsite?

Yes. Car camping is available in our Farmers Field but once you’re in you’re in. Our “Camper’s Parking Lot” is on-site and just a stone’s throw from the campground. If you want to be able to drive to and from during the festival, you will have to park in the parking area. You will be able to drive to your site upon arrival to drop off your supplies.

Will there be a seperate section for Quiet Camping?


Is alcohol allowed?

If you’re 21 you may consume alcohol in the campground. Please note: Outside alcohol is ONLY permitted in the camping area. Once you enter the actual festival site, no outside alcohol is allowed. We will have an amazing selection of beer/wine and specialty cocktails once you are inside the festival gates but you may not BYOB. We repeat, do not BYOB.

Can I bring my dog?

No animals of any kind are allowed with the exception of properly documented service animals, which must remain on-leash and in control at all times. Unauthorized animals, or authorized animals that are not kept on-leash will result in immediate expulsion of both human and animal.

Here are some kennels in the area: Grateful Dog: http://www.gratefuldogvt.com/ Wagmore Kennels: http://www.wagmorekennels.com/

Can I buy camping supplies, ICE etc. on festival grounds?

Ice will be available on campsite. Manchester is an amazing town with many different types of amenities. You will be able to buy anything and everything in the town of Manchester.

Will there be an ATM on festival grounds?