#SundaySpotlight ~ Our local Musicicans

One of the most important aspects of Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots is the focus on the community centric feeling of the event. From the food trucks to the vendors and the artists, we pride ourselves on highlighting how vibrant this area is for the arts (be it musical, visual or culinary!).

Today we focus on the local Vermont based musicians and get their input on what being a part of GMBR means to them.

For those in the know, Vermont is already bustling with a community of bluegrass artists. The mingling of nationally touring roots musicians and artists that call these hills their home was an aspect of the festival we really wanted to highlight. Case in point, Luke Auriemmo of Beg, Steal or Borrow says “Vermont has a strong, tight knit bluegrass community. Thanks to the Green Mountain Bluegrass & Roots Festival we have a beautiful venue to play our music in the mountains while sharing the stage with some of our biggest musical heroes. We are really pumped about it!”

And that feeling of community extends far beyond the reaches of the stage. Alec Ellsworth of the Green Mountain Playboys told us “The Green Mountain Playboys have been on a mission to bring dance music to Vermont since we started playing together in 2013. We're so excited about GMBR not only because we're going to rock the dance floor, but also because we'll be camping out and playing music all weekend in the campground! These festivals are melting pots of music and we can't wait to cook up something tasty. “

Seeing those local artists in their natural habitat alongside some of their heroes and favorite groups is another thing that we feel is so special about GMBR. Carling Berkhout explains, “We’re very excited for the Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots Festival, especially the incredible lineup of nationally touring and up-and-coming musicians playing in our hometown. The beautiful mountains and fields of Southern Vermont is perfect for today’s American music and local vendors.” 

Be it bluegrass legends, those already making huge leaps for years on the scene or your new favorite band that you will discover over the weekend at GMBR, we couldn’t be more excited to bring you this line up. Local and national, its all about the music.


See you in August!